Smart Printing and packaging solutions

  • Minimize waste, strengthen product quality and extend shelf life.

  • Traceability and condition monitoring solutions.

  • Boost connectivity for overall supply chain control.

  • Supply chain data management, easily remain compliant.

  • Build customer loyalty with Mobil commerce and quality assurance.

  • Brand color consistency solutions.

  • Gain big data insights to drive further supply optimization.

Exceed the value, performance, and security of packaging with new technologically advanced products that deliver 100% visibility into the supply chain, while building engagement with consumers, and improving overall business function.


Smart Packaging products are all emerging technologies that can perform tasks efficiently while collecting data to be analyzed. Packaging products embedded with sensor technology used with foods, pharmaceuticals, and many other products to extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality and improve product and customer safety.


Using the Internet of Things (IoT), the condition of a product will be monitored through the entire supply chain, including shipment and post-delivery. SGI clients can collect or share critical performance indicator data from all points of the supply chain to make effective decisions and develop more efficient processes. Improve the bottom line through savings in the logistics network and achieve brand loyalty, demonstrating a higher level of quality and security with modern solutions that reshape the way your business operates.