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Hyper-intelligent Printing and Packaging

Use technology to solve packaging problems and push the boundaries of whats believed to be possible

  • Ensure a secure supply chain with 100% visibility into the supply network.

  • Increase sales with interactive products that engage with mobil-first consumers.

  • Achieve real-time product condition monitoring.

  • Analyze big data insights that drive better decisions.

  • Automate operational tasks to improves business processes and efficiency. 

Thanks to digital technologies, the value of packaging materials is increasing exponentially. No longer is packaging just the place to contain a product and label it. Now it acts as an all-in-one tool for supply chain data collection, product security, condition monitoring, and consumer engagement.


Innovative smart technology designed to integrate digital solutions within packaging is creating more personal and communicative products by transforming materials into an asset for sales growth and a business intelligence platform.


You can now track and collect data at the individual product level in real-time throughout the life cycle while verifying your products are secure during and post transit and gain data insights to drive better decisions that unlock savings within the supply chain 


SGI helps our clients capitalize on disruptive technology and evolve their products through state-of-the-art digital interaction. We use modern strategies to boost the value and performance and connectivity of printing and packaging products.

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