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Sustainable Materials & Eco-Printing

  • Green sourcing and supply chain management.

  • Obtain customer loyalty and brand recognition demonstrating social value.

  • Cost-effectively become an environmentally friendly brand.

  • Utilize sustainable manufacturing practices, eco inks, and materials.

  • Industry-wide material and substrate options.

  • Limit waste with strategic procurement that achieves an eco-friendly closed-loop supply chain.

  • Avoid unhealthy carcinogens transferred from basic petroleum-based packaging.

Strengthen your brand demonstrating quality and environmental concern.


Brand responsibilities are being held to a high standard. Historically industry constraints have impeded the ability for companies to purchase sustainable printing and packaging affordably. SGI has alleviated that pain point cost-effectively making it easier than ever to incorporate eco-friendly printing and packaging alternatives, to obtain a competitive edge in their environment.


Consumers are increasingly supporting "Green" brands. If your packaging promotes operating with responsibly sourced materials, you are showing eco-conscious consumers a quality product that can be trusted. Addressing customer preferences, companies can expect to see a higher level of brand performance and strong customer loyalty. 


Join the fight to protect the environment and connect with today's consumer.

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