Strategic Product Sourcing & Procurement

  • Industry-wide material and substrate options.

  • Easily navigate industry possibilities in entirety.

  • Lower costs utilizing modern lean manufacturing methods.

  • Affordably implement sustainable solutions.

  • Inform and engage utilizing the newest technology in printing and packaging.

  • Refine packaging strategies as technology continues to evolve.

Strategic top tier sourcing of printing, packaging, promotional products, and leading solutions to enhance their performance. 


Capitalize on opportunities gained from the latest high tech industry advancements that diminish product costs, fuel brand recognition, and increase sustainability while optimizing function throughout the supply chain. Working with SGI grants the ability to equip packaging with multi-functioning technology solutions that deliver a higher level of value.


SGI introduces customers to beneficial lean manufacturing improvements and state of the art pre-qualified network of manufacturing partners invested in products and production methods that outperform the rest of the industry. SGI will identify the producer most equipped to successfully create your item while meeting all company mandates, leaving no value-added specific or cost reduction opportunity unexplored.